Dragon Peaches


Luxury green tea pearls with peach and watermelon flavour



In the mountains of Yunnan Province in China’s Southwest, many inhabitants of the more remote
mountain villages believe that dragons did exist!  Well, it is home to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
named for it’s resemblance to a dragon sleeping amongst the clouds.

The area is also home to some of the world’s finest green teas and at some point a tea producer decided to craft hand-rolled tea pearls and name them in tribute to the dragon of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.  To this day, Dragon Peaches are produced by rolling fine, early season buds into tiny pearls that are dried at high heat to seal in the subtleties and nuances of the tea.  A superb green tea with a sweet summer finish and a refreshing change from the better know jasmine pearls.

Beautifully presented in our lovely transparent mini-tubs for optimum enjoyment of the beauty of the tea as well as the taste, this makes a superb gift.

Luxury Ingredients: Green tea, Natural flavours
Traditional brewing method:  This tea can be used about 3 – 4 times.  Place 1 rounded teaspoon of tea per cup in an infuser, teiere or teapot, pour on hot water 180°F/82°C and then pour off.  Re-infuse the tea and pour after about 1 minute or longer to taste.  Once the water level is low – add more water, and so on and so on – until the flavor of the tea is exhausted.  Adding milk and sugar is not recommended.  Look at the pattern of the leaves in the brew and you can see the bud and shoots clearly.

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