Our Top Tea Tips

Confused about white, yellow, green, black teas?

All come from the same plant, Camelia Sinensis and its many varietals, they go through very different production methods which give them their distinctive flavours and qualities.

"Tea" is not always tea

Herbal infusions and fruit tisanes are also generally known as “teas” and whilst they may not have any actual tea leaves in them they tend to have many additional benefits.

It's a matter of personal taste ...

It's our belief that whichever tea you’re using, you should brew it according to your own taste. Stronger or weaker, tweak the amount you use and the brewing time for your own perfect brew.

To milk or not to milk ...

Black teas can generally be drunk with milk - as in the British traditional cuppa.
Milk is never suggested for white, green, oolong, herbal or fruit blends.

Add whatever you fancy to make the perfect cuppa ...

Lemon and other fruits, honey and syrups can all make a difference when you’re not using milk.

Allow your flavours sing! ...

It's our opinion that when drinking flavoured teas without milk if you allow them to cool a little (or a lot) it will bring out the flavours for enhanced enjoyment.

Take time out to Relax and enjoy!

The most important tip - enough said!

... a better cup of tea!