Who are we?


We're Ken & Kerry from beautiful South Wales and we love tea! All sorts of tea ...

So a while ago when we were faced with retirement we decided we weren't ready to sit and wait for something to happen but we'd go out and make something happen - something that we could commit to, that would challenge us each day, excite us, and make sure we had plenty to do and bring endless experiences to our lives and those of others. We decided to start a business - maybe in the food and drink sector - and started to look for an exciting product.


We looked at a few ideas - cupcakes, chocolate, oils and vinegars - we love them all too and in particular we love playing with flavours. Eventually, we were blown away by the variety of fantastic, flavoursome, wholesome , soothing, energising and downright enjoyable teas in the world - so completely different from the ubiquitous tea bags we so often resort to - we had found our cause!


Now on a mission to convert as many tea bag users to loose tea lovers as possible for many reasons, the most important one of which is to enjoy a much finer tea experience!


You can find us inspired us to share our knowledge and experiences with as many as we can, "talking tea" and showcasing our personally curated selection of awesome leaves, fruits and herbs at events, festivals and pop-ups as well as here online.


Tea is a journey, ours has so far been amazing with the promise of so much more to come ...


Start yours today, join the adventure - experience the flavours!