With our easy ways to enjoy a great tradition anytime ...

... take time out with a finer cup of tea!

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We believe in ...

... taking time out to enjoy a finer and more beautiful tea experience.

Early memories of visits to Grandma's house were characterised by the metal teapot sitting in the middle of the table with a caddy of "real tea" next to it.  Then came the teabag and changed our lives forever ...  

We believe that drinking fine quality loose leaf tea is a beautiful and flavourful experience and we don't have to compromise on convenience to enjoy it.  

Which tea do you love?

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Which option suits you?



My new favourite tea ! Absolutely gorgeous! Tastes even better than it smells

Natalie - Burnham

My girlfriend is quite the tea fiend and she really enjoyed both of the teas I ordered and the sample you sent.

Rob - Cardiff

I bought some of your Earl Grey tea at the Christmas Fair and it is delicious! Will be ordering again soon.

Rachel - Oxford
Take the time you deserve ...

... to enjoy the finer tea you deserve!